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I have listed the ingredients for all the cakes available here, some of which you may not recognise. Ingredients such as:

Gram flour (also known as garbanzo flour) – made from ground chick peas and used extensively in indian cooking, it is gluten free, high in fibre and quite high in protein;

Xylitol – a natural sweetener traditionally made from birch tree bark, it has 40% fewer calories than table sugar and has a very low score on the glycaemic index which means it enters you blood stream much more slowly avoiding sugar highs and the inevitable dramatic fall in blood sugar, and;

Stevia – another natural sweetener that has been used in South America for hundreds of years and in Japan since the early 1970s, it is derived from Stevia rebaudiana a relative of the sunflower family, it has no calorie value and a negligible effect on blood sugar.

Please do contact me if you have any questions about the ingredients I use.



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