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Tasty Home Made Gluten Free Cakes,
Dairy Free Cakes, Reduced Sugar Cakes
and Vegan Cakes

In our family food is for sharing, but no-one wants to share most 'free from' cakes as they simply aren't worth the calories! So with this in mind I set about producing a collection of recipes using the best quality ingredients (local whenever possible), that are free from various allergens but still have that fabulous 'homemade' taste. Many of my customers don't have dietary needs - they buy my cakes and cookies simply because they taste so good!

You will find a selection of gluten free cakes and dairy free cakes to purchase here (as sugar is an important natural preservative there are not many low sugar cakes available by post as they tend to have a short 'lifespan'). Or come and visit us at a Farmers' market where we have lots of other goodies and you can taste before you buy! I am always experimenting with new recipes and ingredients so there is an ever changing menu at the various markets (see the facebook page for upcoming markets). 

Many people find cooking for a restricted diet very daunting and often ask advice about suitable alternatives and sourcing of ingredients, so on the facebook page you can ask any questions you may have and I will do my very best to answer them. Also if you discover a particularly good new ingredient, food shop or coffee shop why not share it and leave a message on our wall.

Celebration Cakes

I also make individually designed celebration cakes (with or without various allergens) that are as tasty as they are beautiful - see the gallery. If you have a special occasion coming up do call me for a chat.



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